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On Car-Free Day, Haryana CM Khattar rides motorcycle in Karnal

26 Sep 2023

Karnal (Haryana) [India], September 26 (ANI): On "Car Free Day" in Karnal, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday rode a motorcycle from the Public Works Department rest house to Karnal Airport, encouraging the city's residents to embrace eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

This gesture was followed by Gharaunda MLA Harvinder Kalyan, Deputy Commissioner Anish Yadav, Superintendent of Police Shashank Kumar Sawan, and all security personnel, who also reached the airport without using cars.

Highlighting the significance of this initiative, the Chief Minister said that collective efforts to reduce traffic congestion in the city can yield visible results for society as a whole.

He underscored the importance of a clean environment in today's modern era, stating that trees and plants play an important role in providing shade, and fruits, and even contributing to rain.

He stressed that our connection to nature is irreplaceable, as it has endowed us with precious resources that need protection. Environmental conservation is paramount for our lives, he added.

Appealing to the citizens, the Chief Minister encouraged everyone to use bicycles or motorcycles for their daily commuting on Car Free Day. By adopting these modes of transport, individuals can contribute to a pollution-free lifestyle and the betterment of the environment, he added. (ANI)

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