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Another accused pleads not guilty to using drone at Dublin Airport

Robert Besser
26 Sep 2023

DUBLIN, Ireland: A second individual has pleaded not guilty in an ongoing case related to the unlawful use of a drone that disrupted operations at Dublin Airport.

Ainis Guzauskus (41) has been accused of violating Section 3 of the Air Navigation and Transport Act 1975 by intentionally interfering with the functioning of Dublin Airport, using a DJI Mavic mini 2 drone on July 2, 2022.

Guzauskus, a father of two residing in Ridgewood Close, Swords, Dublin, appeared before Michele Finan at Dublin District Court to enter his plea. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has opted for a "trial on indictment," which would involve a jury trial in the Circuit Court, granting broader sentencing authority if the accused decides to contest the charges. However, the DPP has agreed to keep the case in the District Court "on a plea of guilty."

Defense solicitor Tracy Horan confirmed that Guzauskus "pleads not guilty." Judge Finan acknowledged his decision and postponed the case until November. During this time, the DPP will prepare a book of evidence that must be presented to the accused before the District Court issues a trial order.

Guzauskus was released on bail but was given specific conditions, including only visiting the airport with a valid ticket, refraining from drone flying, and not applying for a new passport. He must also remain reachable by phone and cannot leave the country without the court's permission.

In a separate case, Eric Brills (50), of Holywell Dale, Swords, Dublin, faces charges of unlawfully and intentionally interfering with air navigation facilities at Dublin Airport by operating a drone in the 300-meter critical area on January 24.

Flying drones within 5km of the airport is illegal, and one must register drones of a certain size, with each having a unique digital fingerprint for identification purposes.

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